Full line of gaskets, seals and moulded rubber parts

With us, gaskets, seals and polymer parts are nearly a boundless world!

Betech is an enthusiastic manufacturer and supplier of technical components and products primarily based on rubber and other polymers but also PTFE, TPE and PUR, graphite, aramid fibres and metals. Our teams represent an extensive know-how about all kinds of gaskets, O-rings and rubber seals, hydraulic seals, vibration dampers, moulded rubber parts, flexible covers and bellows.

Wind Energy Hamburg 2016

Videos: Unique solutions for Wind turbines.

The inventive Mr. Betech demonstrate four unique products that enhance the technical quality of wind applications, simplify the assembly work or extend service life.


Improving your products – is not only our slogan but the essence of our mission: Optimizing and enrichment of the customers’ products is our challenging goal. Call us – and get sound advice on polymer solutions!

CASES ─ how we succeed with challenges

An enormous challenge

600 tons of seriousness
behind the unusual request
from F.L. Smidth. More ...

Access to a new market

Betech helped LINAK developing a breakthrough product. More ...

COMPETENCES ─ that you will benefit from

Tecnical competences


Knowledge and consultancy

About getting advice and ideas on improving your products. More ...

Competences thumbs


Quality and certificates

About our quality management system and certifications. More ... 

Achilles JQS and Sellicha


Pre-qualified supplier

About industries and supplier databases to which we are pre-qualified. More ...

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