The DUBO system

How the effective bolt protection system works:

Duboschweitzer boltsikring

Controlled deformation of DUBO Locking Ring by tightening.

Sealing occurs in the thread between bolt and nut.

Locking occurs around nut hexagon.

Duboschweitzer boltsikring

DUBO Locking Ring with a flat hexagon-headed bolt/nut (above)
and a countersunk bolt (bottom).


Duboschweitzer boltsikring

Galvanic seal design:
1. Flat-headed bolt
2. DUBO Isolator
3. Plate A (eg aluminimum)
4. PA6 foil
5. Plate B (eg steel)
6. DUBO Locking Ring
7. Nut

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Duboschweitzer® bolt locking system

Avoid galvanic corrosion between steel and aluminum.

DUBO bolt locking system is used in industries and fitting situations where galvanic corrosion or vibration poses a critical risk to the structure's durability, longevity and functionality.

DUBOSCHWEITZER® is the effective system for locking and protection of bolted connections.


DUBO galleri



Key advantages of the DUBOSCHWEITZER® system:



DUBO Ring provides an absolute protection against bolt loosening due to vibration.

You avoid the critical impact that may occur by bolted connections loosen over time. 


DUBO Locking Ring and Isolator prevent the ingress of water and moisture between the bolt and flat items such as plates or flanges. By including a PA6-foil, the system also constitutes a barrier against galvanic reaction in structures with different metal alloys.

You will achieve a moisture-proof assembly that effectively protects against galvanic corrosion. The lifetime of the connection is extended.


DUBO components are produced in a strong and flexible polyamide, which is resistant to alkalis, inorganic neutral salt solutions, oil, grease, gasoline, alcohol, acetone, dilute acids and seawater.

The chemical resistance allows you to use just one, easy locking and protection system in almost all applications and environmentss.


DUBO bolt system can be loosened and tightened again without loss of protection effect - and no substantial cleaning of threads and surfaces is required when the connection is disassembled

Time and cost of maintenance are reduced by the possibility of separating the screw connection, and it's easy to re-establish a tight and locked connection again.

Leading quality  

DUBOSCHWEITZER® is a leading German manufacturer with many years of experience in screw locking and isolating technique based on nylon plastics. The DUBO system has proven its qualities in numerous assembly work and usage situations.

With DUBO you get the proper nylon quality and design of protective system for your bolted connections - no matter how difficult an environment to work in.


Betech is agency with exclusive distribution of DUBOSCHWEITZER® in the Nordic countries.

Please contact us or download the product catalogue (Danish language only) for further information on the DUBOSCHWEITZER® system.


Duboschweitzer boltsikring   Duboschweitzer boltsikring   Duboschweitzer boltsikring
 Duboschweitzer boltsikring    Duboschweitzer boltsikring    Duboschweitzer boltsikring


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