Fagas™ chair straps

The original Danish upholstery webbing with metal hooks

Easy replacement of webbing

No tightening mechanism necessary

Strong and optimal seating comfort

Fagas strap and modern classic chairs
Fagas strap and modern classic chairs
Fagas strap and modern classic chairs
Fagas strap and modern classic chairs
Fagas strap and modern classic chairs
Fagas strap and modern classic chairs

The original Fagas™ strap for modern classics

The original Fagas rubber straps with molded-in metal hooks are used as webbing in classic chairs and sofas.

The popular pieces of furniture are typically from the end of the 1940s to the middle of the 1970s. They were designed by famous Danish designers such as Arne Wahl Iversen, Hans Wegner and Ib Kofod-Larsen but also produced by Swedish manufacturers like DUX (Folke Olsson), OPE-möbler a.o.

The chairs are sold throughout the world − The "Scandinavian Modern Classics" are extremely popular in the UK, USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Fagas strap has similarly been produced since the beginning of the 1950's and is an original part of those popular seating furniture. A durable and properly composed quality rubber gives the chairs exactly the right comfort.

Social circle iconsMolded-in metal hooks enable an exceptionally easy replacement of the straps. Weakening of the webbing and jarring sounds from mechanical fasteners are also avoided with the original Fagas strap.

Fagas™ straps are still in production − at Betech

Originally, the straps were produced at J.M. Birking & Co which was a Copenhagen rubber factory founded back in 1931. This is why many know the rubber straps under the name of "J.M. Birking", imprinted on the webbing in addition to the product brand "fagas".

In 1985, J.M. Birking & Co. was acquired by Codan Gummi A/S − the internationally recognized Danish  manufacturer of rubber products − which changed name to Codan Tech and now has become Betech A/S.

Today, Betech still produces the Fagas™ straps accurately from the same recipe and method as at the time the furniture was new.

Therefore, seating comfort and quality experience is brought back into the old furniture by installing new rubber straps - in respect of the original craftsmanship and design.

Where can I buy new, original Fagas™ straps?

The following distributor sells and delivers Fagas straps for your furniture restoration and repairs:

International   PTV Sweden AB (Göteborg)


How to choose the correct length of straps?

It is important to choose the right strap length to achieve proper comfort and durability.

Due to the extensibility, Fagas strap 405 (A) is used to a distance of 454-478 mm between the slots in chair's crossbars (B).

The table of extensibility below provides the correct choice of Fagas strap:

(A) Strap length

(B) Distance between slots

(Fagas™ size)

Min. (mm) Max. (mm)
325 358 382
345 382 406
365 406 430
385 430 454
405 454 478
425 478 502
445 502 526
465 526 550
485 550 574
500 574 600

Fagas measurements


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