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Pakning af aramidfiber med stålforstærkning FJ 2600

Om materialet

FJ 2600 is an asbestos-free gasket material with a strong reinforcement of expanded stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) which is 0.5 mm thick.
 It is composed of aramide fibers and other asbestos substitutes which are resistant to high temperatures and are processed with high-grade elastomers under elevated pressure and temperature.

is resistant to media such as oils, solvents, fuels, steam, saline solutions, refrigerating agents (freons), alcohols, and many others.

Due to the expanded metal mesh reinforcement, the gasket material features a number of outstanding properties as compared to conventional composite materials. AFM 34 METALL exhibits very high tensile strength, high stress and shear resistance, and is extremely easy to handle. FJ2600 exhibits far lower values for hot creep than conventional composite materials.

The expanded metal mesh reinforcement permits AFM 34 METALL to cope better with higher pressures and temperatures than conventional non-reinforced materials. It is also suitable for sealing hot water and steam up to 200 °C in stationary applications and with an installation surface pressure of at least 75 N/mm².

Typiske applikationer

for DIN and ANSI flanges, fittings, pumps and apparatus in chemical plants, refineries, power stations as well as in shipbuilding and in high-pressure gas supply plants and refrigeration engineering
in general for sealed joints in which high mechanical and/or thermal stresses or alternating loads occur
for sealing components with relatively narrow lands, e.g. heat exchangers, steam fittings, air and refrigerating compressors as well as all threaded couplings
also suitable for sealed joints subject to high mechanical stress in IC engines, e.g. for sealing intake manifolds and timing cases.


Typiske applikationer

Diverse apparat
Olie og gas

Kvalitet (QA) og prækvalifikation

ISO 9001:2008
JQS Achilles (Oil & Gas)
Sellihca (Utillities)

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High Pressure Compressed Fiber Sheet | HPS

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